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Portsmouth, NH is a part of Rockingham County and is the only city located in the county. Although Portsmouth is the only city it is the fourth largest community within Rockingham County. Portsmouth has strong early military ties as the Pease Air force Base, which is now the Portsmouth International Airport at Pease and the USS Albacore was also stationed there as well, it has now been turned into an interactive museum and park. There are a lot of artistic events and organizations to participate in, in Portsmouth. The Music Hall in Portsmouth is a 900 seat theater run by a non-profit organization that hosts musical acts, theater, dance and cinema. The New Hampshire Theater Project was founded in 1986 and produces classical and contemporary pieces as well as educational programs.

AAA Flood Drying uses the most modern methods available to remove excess water from your home and basement. With an extensive inventory of state-of-the-art drying equipment, and the skills to use them, we can restore your home to pristine condition quickly. Over 22 years of experience proudly serving Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

    Service include:
  • Flooded Basement Pumping
  • Water Removal Extraction
  • Wet Carpet Drying
  • Hardwood Floor Drying
  • Wet Wall Drying
  • Water Damaged Ceiling Dry Out

For Quick Service
please call: 978-392-1895

Water Damage Restoration

From small wet carpets to fully flooded commercial buildings, AAA Flood Drying can help you dry out your water damage situation. Quick response, state of the art drying equipment and the knowledge to use advanced drying methods sets us apart. Our goal is to prevent mold damage and reduce or eliminate repair costs. We are located in Massachusetts and do a lot of work in Portsmouth and the New Hampshire area.

    Water Damage Drying
    Can Prevent:
  • Wet carpet replacement
  • Moldy Carpet Pad Odor
  • Wet Wall Repair
  • Hardwood floor Replacement
  • Wet Ceiling repair
  • Weeks of Demolition & Reconstruction

WATER REMOVAL EXTRACTION - Water Damage Restoration - Wet Carpet - Concord Acton Sudbury MA NH

For Water Damage Drying service in Portsmouth, NH please call 978-392-1895