Wood Floor Water Damage

Wood floors are one of the most attractive flooring options for your house. Water is one of the most damaging substances to wood floors. This includes flooding from leaking pipes, spills and overflowing appliances. When a lot of water hits the floor, glue and nails can become loosed, and there can be warping and buckling. Mold and mildew can also be trapped in the surface which spreads through the home.

Most of the time, wood floors that have been affected by water need to be replaced. Wood flooring can SOMETIMES be restored, but the process is usually a bit slower. It’s important that everything is completely dry prior to sanding and refinishing the wood. The drying process can last from one week to a month.

The quicker you respond to a leak, the less damage the water can do. You may also be able to restore your water damaged floors if you have the right equipment. You can also repair your water damaged floors rather than restoring them.

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