Why Should I be Worried about Cracks in my Foundation?

Homes settle over time as they age, but if you notice cracks in the foundation it’s time to be concerned. Since foundations are designed to withstand nature (even at its worst), it will be odd to see the foundation crack at random. This most likely means that the foundation itself is moving and will lead to more cracks in the home’s foundation.

Some of the major issues with cracks in the foundation include:

  • If water begins to leak then the cracks will make the water spread at a faster rate. 
  • Termites can get into the home much quicker by going through the cracks.
  • Cracks can indicate that your foundation is degrading.

Test the foundation by poking several different areas with a screwdriver. If you notice flakes in the concrete, this means that there are issues with the foundation. Unfortunately, the only solution is a new foundation. If the issue is not remedied immediately, you’ll need a new foundation.

Causes of foundation issues:

  • Foundations with an excess amount of water or sand will not set properly.
  • There can be flaws in the drainage system if there was not proper installation and support.
  • Alterations to the soil pressure can cause the foundation to move.
  • Freezing in the winter can cause the foundation to crack, especially if it’s frequently freezing and melting. 

If you notice water damage due to cracks in the foundation, contact AAA Flood Drying at 844-925-28-56.