What are the Common Causes of Pipe Bursts?

Pipe bursts occur randomly and can turn a great day sour. Often unexpected, this fiasco leaves homeowners feeling overwhelmed and anxious. What may seem like a minor problem can turn into a huge, costly mess.Pipe bursts are caused by a number of reasons including pure negligence, old or damaged pipes or some other problem that only a plumber can handle.

Water Pressure

When a pipe gets clogged, this puts a lot of pressure on the pipes leading it to rupture. The solution? All you need is a little routine maintenance to avoid this problem. Be sure to take care of bathroom fixtures along with the water pump.

Frozen Pipes

Everyone in New England knows that the winter months are brutal, sometimes even leaving us sitting in negative degree weather. Winter proofing your pipes is essential, especially if you reside in Massachusetts. The increased water pressure and frozen pipes will certainly cause them to burst.

Preventative Measures

First and foremost, turn off the water pipes immediately. By doing this, you are ensuring that water can not escape from any point in your home. Key in on water pipes that are located near appliances as this can cause a whirlwind of issues.

If you experience a burst, ruptured or dripping pipe affecting the structural integrity of your home, contact AAA Flood Drying. Our team of experts will quickly relieve you from water damage!