Water Damage: Is it Covered By Insurance?

Water damage can cause panic and anxiety, especially when it seeps into the home and causes mold. Paying for damages may seem overwhelming but often times, insurance covers a majority of the costs. Water damage can occur in New England during the summer months where flooding often occurs or during the winter when snow melts and leaks through the roof. Whatever the case may be, insurance is available.

Homeowner’s Insurance – Pipe Bursts, Washing Machines & Roof Leaks

Homeowner’s Insurance comes in handy when homeowner’s experience a burst pipe. Personal property as well as surrounding walls that have been damaged are typically covered by Homeowner’s Insurance. However, if you let the temperature drop below freezing and the pipe burst because of your negligence, your claim can be denied.

One of the most common water damage issues occur when washing machines leak. The main supply hose often breaks or ruptures, leaving massive water damage in the home. You may have to repair for the damage yourself if the insurance company deems this as casual wear and tear. Typically, the insurance agent will look at the state and age of the machine to make a final decision.

Covered perils are the only ways that roof leaks will be paid for by the insurance company. These perils include rain, fire, hail and wind. If the insurance company discovers that the water damage is due to an older roof or poor roof maintenance, you will not be covered.

When you need an experienced staff to alleviate you of water damage, contact AAA Flood Drying. We offer a number of solutions to extract water from your home and begin an immediate drying process.