Water Damage Cleanup – DIY or Hire A Professional?

When it comes to water damage, it can be an easy fix to take care of yourself, or it can be a complete disaster. The decision to take care of the problem yourself should depend on the amount of damage there is. Calling in a professional is a great way to make sure that the situation is properly taken care of. If you decide to clean up water damage yourself, follow these steps.

Find the Leak

The first step is to find the point where the water is leaking from. It could be an obvious location such as a sink or drain pipe. However, if you can’t find where the leak is, or it’s in the ceiling or behind a wall, you may want to call a professional. They can find the leak and properly take care of the damage.

Remove the Water

Once the leak is located, you’ll need to remove the water. If the floor in the affected area is hardwood or carpet, you’ll want to hire a professional to properly dry it in order to avoid mold from growing. If the flood was in a basement with a concrete ground, you can use a wet vac and remove the water yourself.

Remove the Drywall

If the leak is behind a wall or in the ceiling, you will need to remove the drywall from the affected area. This will allow you to access the leak and assess the damage; you will also need to remove it to avoid any mold from developing. If you know how to properly remove and install drywall, this step should be easy; however, if you don’t know how to, you should call a professional in order to avoid causing anymore damage to your home.

Make Repairs

If the repairs are beyond your scope of experience, call a professional right away. Fixing water damage can be easy if it’s a small leak, but can be a daunting task if it’s affected drywall, hardwood or carpet.

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