Signs of Water Damage in the Bathroom

Since the bathroom has the highest usage of water in the home, it’s crucial to check the room for signs of water damage. There are 5 major conditions where water damage is apparent in the bathroom.

1. Musty Smell

You most likely have a water damage issue when there is a persistent damp feeling and odor in the bathroom. This dampness is caused by moisture buildup in both the walls and floors. A common sign of this is peeling paint and loose tiles.

2. Mold & Mildew

Even if you are scrubbing your absolute hardest, do you still find mold and mildew coming back? This is a clear indicator that you may be suffering from a caulk or waterproofing issue since water is seeping in.

3. Bent Walls

When water enters the walls, the walls begin to warp and therefore, bend and contort. You definitely have a moisture issue if the paint and wallpaper is loose.

4. Gaps Between Caulk, Tile & Tub

It’s important to understand that water will ALWAYS find the path of least resistance. If there are any holes, water will seep into the crevices and create damage.

5. Spongy Floors

If your floors are spongy or soft, then they will need to be fixed ASAP. If not, your toilet will end up becoming loose!

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