Removing Carpet Tack Strips from Concrete

If there is a major spill or flood in an area with carpeting, the water can seep very deeply into the floor through carpeting and padding into the concrete. If left there it can settle become a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. That is why it is extremely important to make sure that every layer of the floor is dried thoroughly when there is big spill or flood. When removing carpeting, a very tricky part of the process for a lot of people is removing the carpet tack strip from the concrete. Most people try and remove each nail in the strip one by one, but there is a much simpler method that removes the carpet strip just as well. The tools you will need to accomplish this task are a hammer and a pry bar or wonder bar.

  1. First you want to place the flat end of the ply bar right below the lip of the nail (where the top of the nail meets the tack strip)
  2. Hit the other end of the ply bar to try and jiggle the nail loose from the concrete below it.
  3. Repeat until entire strip has been loosened.
  4. Remove Strip

When removing the tack strip, be careful of the nails sticking out, they are very sharp and can cut you very easily. Check out our YouTube video to get a visual example of removing a carpet tack strip from concrete. If you have any questions about removing a carpet tack strip from concrete or would like to learn more about AAA Flood & Drying other services please contact us at 978-392-1895.