Prevent Spring Water Damage Caused by Snow Melt

The risks of melting snow and ice damage to your home this spring

Spring is the time of year you need to be aware of water and moisture in your basement. Leaks or poor drainage can cause water and moisture in your basement or attic which, if left untreated, could cause flooding or grow mold and create serious damage.

New England winters are notoriously harsh, this year was no exception. As the warm weather approaches and the snow is starting to melt, all that water has to go somewhere. Ten inches of snow produce an inch of water when its melted, plus the water and moisture in the ground that you can’t see that has been frozen is now melting as well.

Water can enter your basement and will start to show on the walls or pooling on the floor. With older homes, this is especially a problem. You should begin to take steps to investigate the problem and prevent it from getting worse. The two main culprits of spring water damage are your gutters and your foundation.

Check for sources of water damage from the top down. Take a look at your gutters at the roof If they are blocked with ice, they are not working properly and water could be draining into your attic or down the side of your house causing potential damage.Make sure the drain pipes weren’t damaged over the winter and that they are working properly. Be sure the joints are not loose or leaking.You should also clear your foundation of snow to prevent it from melting down the side of your foundation. Most new homes are built with drain systems in the foundation that carry off the water during spring snow melt.

Professional flood drying will prevent water damage and mold growth caused by melting snow and ice

Spring water damage is a risk to your home.Water damage compromised the structural integrity of your home as well as electrical hazards. If you notice yellow or brown stains on the ceiling, or a sagging or warped ceiling, the problem may already be more extensive than you think. At that point it is important to call a professional to correct water damage.

Prevent mold growth in your home with proper flood drying for your walls, floors, basements, and ceilings. Water from snow melt can cause mold growth that put your and your family at risk. Mold needs moisture and warmth to grow. With the rise in temperatures, not only is the snow melting and getting into your home, but the heat is providing the necessary warmth that mold needs to grow. Being exposed to mold can cause respiratory and digestive problems, and other health risks. If water is taken care of promptly and water drying is done correctly, mold growth will not be an issue. Getting the water professionally removed will prevent the risk of mold growth.

For extreme problems where flooding has occurred, you may need to pump out your basement using a sump pump. Flood drying is important and is easy to take care of if done right away. Proper drying and cleanup is necessary to prevent potential mold growth and structural damage to your home. At AAA Flood Drying, we are experts in basement flooding, water removal, wet carpet and hardwood floor drying, wet wall drying, and drying out water damaged ceilings. If you have wetness in your basement or attic, call us today to take the next step in preventing spring water damage from snow melt in your home.

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