Panel Drying Systems for Flooded Hardwood Floors

How to Choose a Flood Drying System

The Panel Drying System

A panel drying system is common for drying out flooding and standing water on hardwood floors. Summer flooding is common in New England and having standing water on a hardwood floor can cause serious damage. There are many flood damage repair techniques that work for hardwood floors but in this blog post we will discuss the panel drying system. It works with a vacuuming technique to suck all of the water up from between and under the floorboards.

How it works:

You set up your system in the room where the flooding occurred. Install the panel drying system being sure to leave proper spacing between the panels. You have to tape down the panels to the floor using preservation tape. Preservation tape is a very strong adhesive. Be cautious as this kind of tape may peel off the top layer of paint when you remove it. Don’t use the tape for more than 60 days or it will result in an unwanted residue on your floor. The panels each have a are attached to a hose which pull the water by applying a vacuum to the wet floor. The hoses route the moisture and water out from under the panels and out from under the hard wood floors. Panel drying systems tend to take 3-5 days depending on the size of the room and the amount of water

At AAA Flood Drying we use Injectidry Panels in combination with dehumidifiers to dry flooded hardwood floors. Most wood floor respond well to this method of drying.

As one of the leading experts in flood drying in New England, we find that 99% of the time it saves the floor and the finish. There are situations that will require additional methods or demolition. Contact AAA Flood as soon as you have a problem – don’t wait! The sooner you treat, the more likely you are to save your floors.