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Pumping Water Out Of A Flooded Basement

Water removal out a flooded basement after a flood is one job none of us look forward to. But if you know a few tips and tricks the water removal will be less of a chore. When we get a call from most customers they have been wet vacuuming their basement for many hours trying to keep ahead of the flood water. They are very tired and worn out from fighting a battle that they cannot win. At this point they call for help.

One of the best ways of keeping ahead of the flood water is to use a small “to the floor” sump pump to replace the work that the wet vac is doing. By working smarter not harder, let the water come in, then locate the deepest spot in the basement by splashing around to find that deep spot. Once found, this is where the utility pump is located. If you do this, then the water will come in wherever it is leaking in then it will automatically deliver itself to the water pump. No more hours of wet vacuuming.

     We use a Simer model 2300, This pump can maintain the water to a very shallow depth of a quarter inch or less. This works effectively because once installed, other than where the water is coming in and going out the rest of the flooded basement floor starts to dry out.

Pump Out Flooded Basement Faster

When using a “to the floor” pump, hose size makes a big difference. Most people use a garden hose, if you only have a small leak, that might be OK. But if you have or might have more water to pump out you should use a larger hose. Going from a standard garden hose of 5/8″ to a garden hose of 3/4″ will double the amount of water that can be pumped. For greater amounts, using the same pump, a 1 1/4″ sump pump hose can be used to more than double the water output again. The best way to pump out the greatest amount of flood water is to use a 1 1/2″ sump pump hose, again still just using the same small pump, this will almost double the water output again.

Pump Flood Water Even Faster

Try heading the hose down hill as soon as possible to reduce back pressure, and also keep the hose as short as possible. Do not let the hose kink, and try to smooth sharp bends. Do as much of this as you can, and with a small pump and a big  pump hose you will pump the water out of your flooded basement 4 to six times faster than your neighbor.

How to Pump Out a Flooded Basement #1

This video shows you how to pump out your flooded basement with as little effort as possible. These tips will save you a tremendous amount of aggravation.

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By Clay King  AAA Flood Drying