How To Prevent Mold Growth In An Air Conditioner

Did you know that mold can grow right inside of your air conditioner? Air conditioning unit drain pans hold water for extended periods of time. With all of the curves in the pipes, water can sit for long periods of time and create mold. So how do you avoid mold growing in your air conditioner?

Control Humidity and Moisture – When purchasing an air conditioner, make sure to buy one with humidity control. These types of air conditioners can control the moisture level in the air and prevent mold growth.

Keep The Air Conditioner Running – When an air conditioner is shut off completely, it leaves a home with no airflow, which builds up moisture in the air. When temperatures rise and moisture builds up, it creates a perfect breeding ground for mold. Allow the air conditioner to run on “auto” so it can cycle the air in the house at all times.

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks – Mold can grow very easily inside of air conditioners. It’s dark, warm, and moist; a paradise for mold. To prevent mold from growing inside of the air conditioner, clean it regularly and remove any signs of water that you see. Mold can grow very quickly if you do not notice and take care of it right away.

Control Dust – Dust helps mold form in and around air conditioners. The easiest way to remove mold from an air conditioner is to vacuum the dust away from it. Make sure to clean the ducts, evaporator, and the blower. Also make sure to vacuum the rest of your home regularly to remove all dust, pollen, and other organic compounds.

If you still have a mold problem from your air conditioner, contact AAA Flood Drying today!