How to Dry Furniture After a Flood

shutterstock_221766814A flood can always happen when you least expect it. In order to preserve your property and belongings, the key is to act quickly in removing and drying everything inside. Not only it will clear up the space for the water to recede faster and help a water damage cleanup professional fix your flooring and walls, there might be a chance to save your furniture as well. No matter the scale of your flood, the furniture should be dried up within 48 hours after a flood to prevent permanent damage of mildew and mold stains. Proper air circulation needs to be sustained by fans and dehumidifiers.


Immediately after a flood, walk around your home and make sure it’s safe to come back. Watch out for loose wires and power cables, gas lines and cracks in foundation. Before you start a cleanup, evaluate how serious the damage is, and whether you require assistance of an experienced professional with the heavy-duty equipment. AAA Flood Drying can make your water damage remediation process less stressful and more efficient, as well as prevent future mold formation in the compromised walls, ceilings and flooring surfaces.


The furniture made out of wood, such as bookshelves, drawer cabinets, tables, etc. need to be taken outdoors and dismantled to speed up the process of different parts drying. Unless you can remove drawers or doors, wait until they dry up a little or use a dehumidifier. Thoroughly wipe all the wood surface with a mild soap solution, rinse with water and allow to dry under the sunlight. Only when it’s completely dry, you’ll be able to tell whether the furniture needs new polish or complete professional refinishing.


Most upholstery, including couches and chairs should only be cleaned professionally. Flood-damage mattresses can be salvaged as there’s a very little chance of drying them completely in a short time frame. Call a service company to check your home appliances for safety.

It might be hard emotionally to discard some items, but everything is replaceable, unlike the health of your home inhabitants. Contact AAA Flood Drying for professional water damage cleanup and restoration. We are available any day or night, so in case of emergency, call (978) 392-1895!