How Mold Affects Water Damage Restoration

Mold has become an increasingly popular topic of conversation, especially to property owners. While mold accrues in the South quite frequently due to humidity, New Englanders see their fair share of mold in their bathrooms, kitchens, attics and crawl spaces. There are 3 main factors that explain why mold has caused such a disturbance in the home.

1. New homes are built to conserve energy. This means that less fresh air is allowed to circulate in the home.

2. More and more people have been diagnosed with asthma and allergies. Many of these reactions are worsened with mold.

3. Organic materials are being used in new construction, such as plywood and laminates. These materials often harbor mold.

Mold can grow in drywall, ceiling tiles, ductwork, paneling, wallpaper, etc. Basically, any type of wet area in the home is a breeding ground for mold. If you spot signs of water in your home, this will surely transpire into a huge mold infestation. Contact AAA Flood Drying before this gets out of hand! Call our water damage restoration professionals at 978.392.1895.