How Long Does Carpet Drying Take?

Carpet drying can seem like an excruciating process when done by yourself. This is why the certified technicians at AAA Flood Drying are here to assist folks in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Cleaning a carpet by yourself may seem like a quick fix, but when not completely dry it will surely leave mold.

The weather of course plays a large factor in the drying process. Some companies that prefer to use quick and less effective methods rely on the weather help dry out the room. On the sunny days, leaving doors and windows open will dry out the room pretty quick but on those rainy New England days, expect a squishy feeling that doesn’t relieve for hours.

Professional companies like AAA Flood Drying use fans that only take about 20 minutes to completely dry the floor. These push large volumes of air above the carpet, in turn evaporating the moisture more quickly. When you are in need a of a quick method to dry your carpet, contact the pros at AAA Flood Drying.