How Do Air Blowers Help with the Floor Drying Process?

Water damaged carpetsOne of the biggest challenges after a water damage-related event, such as a flood or leak, is drying carpets and hardwood floors. It is extremely important to dry water damaged floors as quickly as possible in order to avoid mold and mildew growth.

Wet carpet drying blowers are used as part of the drying process to dry out homes and businesses after they have flooded. They can move a strong current of air, while only pulling 2.3 amps. The use of these powerful air blowers will provide air circulation and targeted airflow that’s necessary to achieve thorough drying. Here at AAA Flood Drying, we use these to help speed the process of drying water damaged floors and walls.

Floor dryers provide efficient drying power to help with flood recovery. They help prevent carpeted and hardwood floors from becoming musty and moldy after water damage. These units are made lightweight and portable so they can easily and conveniently be relocated throughout homes and buildings. They are also extremely durable to withstand the environments they are used in and can also be laid on their side with another unit stacked on top of it.

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