How Can I Prevent Air Conditioner Water Damage?

If not properly maintained, an air conditioner can slowly seep water into your home and create a tremendous amount of damage. At top performance, an air conditioner collects 10 to 20 gallons of water daily and drains off of the condensation coil into a collection pan which is disposed of into a sewer system. However, if the drain is clogged, the unit will produce more water than it can actually hold. In turn, leaving homeowners with damaged carpets and hardwood floors.

There are many other causes that create water damage including excessive condensation that occurs when the unit is running constantly. If a regular inspection isn’t taking place, water can accrue on a daily basis. A great way to avoid this from happening is to change the HVAC air filter at least once a month. Ensuring that the air conditioner has clean air filters means that you can prevent the unit from overworking.

If you notice signs of water damage in your Massachusett’s home, contact AAA Flood Drying for immediate water damage restoration.