Gutters and Water Damage

The beautiful New England foliage may seem breathtaking but when it comes down to cleaning the gutters, it can be quite a mess removing those vivid leaves. When you don’t clean them out, they freeze during the winter and cause clogged gutters. If you’re one of the many homeowners who is guilty of not cleaning out your gutters, read on to find out why it is so important.

The main purpose of gutters is to catch water and route it to the ground. If you don’t clean the gutters then you will have a pool of water sitting on your roof. This can also cause rotting on your shingles which will enter your attic and home, and then cause mildew. Ice will make things significantly worse because ice dams block all water drainage.In fact, ice dams speed up the water damage process!

Although cleaning your gutters can be an absolute hassle, it’s certainly worth it in the end. Contact AAA Flood Drying for immediate water damage restoration in MA.