Flooded Basement Cleanup | Massachusetts

By Clay King  AAA Flood Drying

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Flooded basements are no fun. but there are methods for drying flooded basements to prevent mold. Water removal using a sump pump or water extraction from the wet carpet are the first tasks that need tackling. For deep water a Utility Pump can be used to remove standing water. Try to locate the deepest spot in the basement, if you find the deepest spot to pump from then the amount of time you spend removing water is highly reduced.

When using sump pumps, try to use the largest hose possible. If you use a 1 1/4 inch sump pump hose instead of a garden hose, you can pump 4-6 times as much water as a 5/8″s inch garden hose. Also try to keep the sump pump hose as short as possible to restrict resistance in the hose. This is called line loss. Remove kinks in the hose and try to point the pump hose down hill so that gravity helps. All of these details actually make a BIG difference.
These are the methods I use to pump out a flooded basement.

Once the deep water is removed, a wet vac can be used to dry out the puddles on the floor. Remember it is 1200 times easier to remove the dampness as water than it is to use dehumidifiers. So get those puddles.

Water Removal From Carpet

Water Removal From Carpet

If the carpet and pad have sustained water damage over half of the carpet it unlikely that the carpet can be saved. The faster you make the decision to remove the soaked carpet and pad the better. When the damp carpet is removed a major amount of the damaging moisture is also removed. Most people with a flooded basement only focus on the wet carpet. The damaging moisture in the walls is ignored and that’s how you get hidden mold.

  • Pump out flooded basement
  • Use larger sump pump hoses
  • Sump Pump in deepest spot
  • Use shorter Pump hose
  • Remove kinks
  • Wet vac puddles
  • Remove wet carpet and pad
  • Dry wet walls quickly

Video of how to pump out a flooded basement. How to set up the sump pump and hoses to make the flood removal easier. Tips and tricks by a professional with over 20 years experience. Shows you how to work smarter not harder to dry your flooded basement.


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