Fast Drying Prevents the need for Mold Removal

Avoiding mold is the best solution to preventing mold repair costs. If you have suffered a water damage and you have concerns about whether or not your going to get mold then quick drying of all affected materials is the best way to prevent mold. Getting wet is not what causes mold, staying wet is what causes mold. The faster you get the materials dried out the less likely you will have a mold problem.

Most people think that a spray or application of some antimicrobial is the bet way to control mold growth. Although an antimicrobial can help control mold growth they completely pale compared to speedy drying of the wet surfaces. Letting your house get moldy and then spraying an antimicrobial afterwards, is like letting the cows out of the barn door, then chasing them down to get them back. Its alot easier to just keep the barn door shut, or DRY FAST, to prevent mold.

If the materials cannot be dried fast then remove the materials fast. Do not wait, to prevent mold damage, quick dry out or quick drying works. Procrastination grows mold.


By Clay King AAA Flood Drying