Cracked Floor Repair

Although flooding rarely occurs due to lakes and rivers overflowing, floor tile cracks do experience water damage from roof or pipe leaks. While tile is extremely durable, heavy items which are dropped, leaking pipes and  floods can easily undermine the foundation. When this happens, the foundation can warp or buckle which takes the tile down with it.

You’ll want to remove the tile floor to see what’s going on with the foundation. If the foundation looks good but a few tiles are cracked, you’ll want to consider replacement. First, you need to find replacement tile and then matching grout. Go to a tile dealer or outlet to replace the tile as best you can.

Remove the broken tiles but be careful while you do so because they can damage the surrounding tiles. Place cardboard or painter’s tape over the surrounding tiles in order to protect them. Also, remove the grout in order to remove the broken tile. Clean the area with a chisel or scraper to remove old mortar or grout pieces.

Set the new tile with thin-set mortar or other adhesives. Apply grout between the new and old tiles and then let them dry.