Common Water Damage Areas & Prevention Tips

Water Damage can occur at any time and can cause serious destruction to your home or any items in your home. Once that happens there are steps that you can take to restore your home but some of those items are irreplaceable. There are steps that you can take to prevent your home from being exposed to water damage. Here are some of the common areas where water damage can begin and tips on how to prevent water damage in those areas:

Windows & Doors-

  • Checking all of your doors & windows for leaks is important, especially around the corners. This is a major area where water can seep in and cause damage. Signs of water damage are peeling paint, discolorations in paint or caulking & swelling in windows & doors. One water damage prevention method is installing flashing. Flashing is a thin metal strip put around doors & windows to prevent water damage in areas where two different surfaces meet.


  • Repair any loose or broken shingles which could lead to water seeping into your home. Common areas on roofs where water damage occurs are chimneys, plumbing vents and attic vents. All vents should have hoods, exhaust on the exterior of your home, have boots & be in good working order.


  • It is important to check for holes, leaks or bypasses and to make sure that there is enough insulation to make sure that no heat is escaping from your house. These small air leaks and lack of insulation can lead to ice damming. If an ice dam forms around the lower edge of your roof, snow or rain will collect and begin to seep into the attic. To prevent water damage through ice damming, check the underside of your roof sheathing and roof rafters for water stains.


  • Make sure that your basement windows and doors have built up barriers or flood shields to prevent water from leaking in. Sump pumps should be checked to make sure that they are operating properly, if not the water that is collecting in the sump basin can overflow and cause flooding leading to water damage. One way to prevent sump pumps from breaking is installing a battery backup system.

If water damage does happen to occur it is extremely important to act quickly. Please contact us with any inquires about water damage prevention or if water damage has occurred, please contact us for our water damage restoration services at 978-392-1895.