Common Causes of a Toilet Overflow

Toilet overflows cause major issues in the home, including both water damage and mold infestations. When the situation is not immediately remedied, water seeps into the ground and breeds mold. AAA Flood Drying offers 24/7 emergency services to eliminate water from your home and as well as fast drying with our professional drying technology. Let’s check out some common causes of toilet overflows:


Clogging is the #1 cause of a toilet overflow. These situations often occur when a child throws toys in the toilet or when feminine products are disposed. Anything besides toilet paper will surely cause a toilet overflow, even too much toilet paper can cause a toilet to clog.

Plumbing Defects

Another common cause of a toilet overflow are plumbing defects such as the tank float mechanism that regulates water flow not working. Since there is a blockage where the water typically escapes, overflowing occurs because the water level increases too much.

Handle is Stuck in Flush Position

Especially in older toilets, the handle can often can get stuck in the flush position after use. When this isn’t immediately fixed, water will begin to rise and overflow onto the floors.

When you are experiencing moderate to severe water damage in your bathroom due to a toilet overflow, contact AAA Flood Drying. We provide all types of water damage restoration services, including wet carpet replacement, wet ceiling repair, wet wall repair and more.