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My Ceiling is Leaking, What Do I do?

The most important thing is, Don’t Panic! A leaky ceiling can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare as there is normally very little warning before a leak makes its presence known….

How to Dry Furniture After a Flood

A flood can always happen when you least expect it. In order to preserve your property and belongings, the key is to act quickly in removing and drying everything inside….

How to Prevent Roof Leaks

One of the common causes of a flood is leaky roofs. There are plenty of uncontrollable factors that can cause damage to your roof. According to National Roofing Contractors Association,…

Moisture in Basements – Causes and Solutions

Increased humidity in the basement can become a huge problem for homeowners, who live in a humid climate. In most cases, moisture accumulates because of poorly-designed basement waterproofing and inefficient…

Wet Ceiling Drying

Wet Ceiling Drying, Water Damaged Ceiling, Dry Out Sudbury

Wet Ceiling Drying   By Clay King  AAA Flood Drying Drying a wet water damaged ceiling can be a challenge. Water damage repair to a wet ceiling usually involves a big…