Can Water Alarms Prevent a Flood?

shutterstock_274990322A flood of any scale turns a homeowner’s life into a disaster. Whether natural sources or plumbing leaks caused a flooding, it can significantly damage the ceilings, walls, and flooring, in addition to the furniture, interior decor and family heirlooms that can’t be replaced. Luckily, there is a variety of flood-preventing devices available on the market today, such as water alarms, water leak detection systems, auto shut off water valves, etc.


A water alarm is a device that will sound an alert in the event when water is detected. These devices are equipped with sensors that target leaks even in the hardest to reach areas, such as the spaces under kitchen appliances, the room behind the furniture, the basement and the attic. Water alarms can monitor unwanted leaks all around the house, whether they are caused by plumbing malfunctions or weather extremes.


There are also more advanced water alarms, called water main shut off systems. As the name suggests, these devices block the main water supply as soon as they detect leaking. This sophisticated device stops the leaking before the damage is done. One drawback of it, however, is the ability to only have control over plumbing leaks, so make sure melting snow or heavy rain is not an issue to your roof.


As the technology advances, more sophisticated systems appear on the market. Some smart-home-tier detection systems are wireless and can be linked to the main home security, an autodialer or a smartphone app. Some water alarms are equipped with the LED screens to show exactly where the leak occurred.


Depending on your situation, the size of your home and your budget, water alarms and leak detectors can be a good solution. Even reliable budget brands can guarantee you a peace of mind when you leave home alone for a few days or weeks.

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