4 Tips to Pump Out Your Flooded Basement

Basement flooding is caused by many reasons, ranging from leaking or overflowing washing machines to environmental flooding, resulting in water damage and property loss. Calling a professional is the best way do deal with a flooded basement, but there are some measures you can take on your own. Keep in mind, what may seem like a small problem, may be more of a hassle than you think.

Don’t Use a Wet Vac

Many people assume they can get the job done themselves with a wet vac. Wet vacs do not have a pump, and fill up quickly with water depending on the size of the vacuum. Don’t forget, as the vacuum fills up, you have to be able to carry it someone to empty it.This could take you 50 -100 trips before you realize it’s a bigger problem than you think. One or two inches of over the floor of your basement may not seem like a lot, but it adds up to hundreds of thousands of gallons, depending on the size of the space.

Use a Sump Pump 

There are different sized pumps for different sized problems. For a standard flooded basement in a house, We recommend a smaller sized Simmer Sump Pump. They are wide at the bottom giving them stability without tipping over. They are self cooling so they won’t overheat, and they have a screen in the bottom to prevent itself from clogging with debris. At AAA Flood we like the Simmer pump because out of all the various pumps we’ve found, this is the closest to the floor, which sucks up water as it gets shallower.

Pump Placement

Many people choose to place the pump based on convenience; some place near an outlet, or a place where it is easy to get a hose outside. This is incorrect. You should place the pump in the deepest section of water. As the water level goes down, water will naturally travel to the deepest area by itself.

Use a Bigger Hose

For small amounts of water, a garden hose can be attached to the pump to move the water. You want to find a hose that is as large and short as possible to move the water effectively. Simply by using a bigger hose, such as a proper sump pump hose you can increase the amount of water traveling through the hose by 4-6 times the amount of that of a garden hose.

For more tips for DIY flood clean up, visit our Youtube Channel. For professional basement flooding and water damage repair, contact us at AAA Flood Drying 978 392 1895