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Wet Ceiling DryingWet Ceiling Drying  

By Clay King  AAA Flood Drying

Drying a wet water damaged ceiling can be a challenge. Water damage repair to a wet ceiling usually involves a big hole cut in the wet ceiling and an airmover is set up under the hole. It might dry out  the wet ceiling, but textured ceilings can rarely be repaired, the pattern cannot be easily matched. Or if it is a flat ceiling the repair is also visible, so the entire ceiling has to be removed to repair the ceiling back to a preloss conditions.
Advanced Ceiling Drying Method
We have come up with a way of using the existing holes for the recessed lights to deliver warm dry air into the ceiling void. Large layflat poly tubes are attached to the airmovers then to the recessed light holes to force air into the ceiling area without causing any damage. By delivering the warm dry air directly to the wet porous side of the ceiling, the dry out and moisture removal work very well.This has been very good fix in drying out wet ceilings. If there is no staining when we are finished, there are no repairs needed for the flood damage. AAA Flood Drying has been drying out water damaged homes and businesses for 20 years. Please Call AAA Flood Drying at 978-392-1895     The video below shows how a ceiling can be dried out after having a flood from the bathroom above. The ceiling is completely saved, with no damage, no demolition and no fixup and repair costs.
Bathroom Leak Floods Living Room Ceiling Below-Video

Drying wet ceiling from flood above.
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